Do you want to get the most out of your Cannabis concentrate? You can get rid of the torch and the constant butane cans if you get hold of an e-nails Canada. This way you will not be vulnerable to accidental burning rather than vaporizing your dabs. The best part about this is that you will be able to avail them in various sizes. Take a look at the best e-nails which are available at present.

Randy’s Pilot

In case you are looking for something affordable and portable then this is the best choice for you. This costs pretty less and you simply need to replace the atomizer. You will find a glass around its atomizer to get a smoother hit. Thus, this is one of the best e-nails for using it on the go.

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710 Whip (Desktop E-nail)

710 Whip is known to be one of the cheapest plug-in e-nail Canada that is present on this list.  This can fit an 18mm and 14 mm pieces with female and male joints. In case you do not feel like dealing with the noisy torch and spend on an expensive e-nail then this is the best e-nail you can get.

Dr. Dabber Boost eRig (Portable E-nail)

This is a medium size portable e-nail which comes with a wide range of accessories.  The kit is available with different types of nails: titanium, ceramic, and quartz. It has carb cap and also a tool which is attached magnetically. You need to top it up with a water attachment along with two silicone storage containers. This way you will have everything to start with the dabbing.

Dab Ninja (Desktop E-nail)

If you are looking for a good quality e-nail Canada at an affordable price, it is better to use this one. You will get a digital display and features to adjust the temperature. The unit appears like it might be a laptop charger. Hence, it is extra stealthy.

Shatterbox (Desktop E-nail)

Another customizable e-nails Canada within an affordable price is the Shatterbox.  The customization of this is much more than choosing red and blue. If you want, you will be able to print the actual graphics on the units.  This has a kit which comes with the quarts banger accessory for better low-temperature dabbing.

Source Nail Temperature Control Kit

This kit has a vape mod that is good for a controlled hit.  You will be able to crank this thing up and chuck the clouds to enjoy the flavor from the concentrates. One thing good about this is that the vape mod is not too big.  However, this is one of the most powerful one. The glass attachment which is available with the source nail kit is pretty good.  The mouth piece will come off of the top of perc.  Thus, it will be easy to pour water our and clean everything clean.

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Cloud V Temperature Control (Portable E-nail)

CloudV is the first company that introduced a portable e-nail that is powerful enough to rival the plug-in model.  This is one of the most powerful e-nail Canada which is available in the market. The portable e-nail makes use of water to stack big hits in order to get more immediate effects.